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ATa Services: Your one stop service solutions

ATa Services provides adapted solutions for your business in Thailand. Whether you are a SMB/SME or a large Enterprise, our company proposes tailor-made services.

Our group is a one-stop service solutions company based in Thailand. Founded in Bangkok in 2008, we are very proud to have a strong network of customers, partners and friends creating a community.

Furthermore, our wide range of services addresses any business looking to outsource some or all their administration to a professional and cost-effective company. ATa Services provides all the services your business needs in one simple invoice. Administrative and HR burdens will not be a problem for you anymore!

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ATa Services, your business solution

Are you starting in Thailand or struggling to find a good and professional service? Send us an email today and we will get back to you with a detailed quotation.

Office rental in the heart of Bangkok during sunset

ATa Services provides flexible workspace to allow you to fit your business needs. Our two locations Bangna Complex and Green Tower offer a wide range of serviced spaces from start-up offices to overflow offices, individual suites to open plan offices. Thus, our workspaces can be rented fully furnished or empty. Our on-site team and amenities will provide you a professional service.

A outsource employee managed by ATA Services

Our employment services help you to outsource your payroll and relieve you from administrative tasks. PEO includes HR outsourcing and Payroll outsourcing for companies. It incorporates the outsourcing of payroll, employee benefits, and regulatory compliance.

Recruitment team looking for resumes

Specialized in recruitment, we dedicate ourselves to identify the best profiles within a defined timeline. Our multicultural team can conduct interviews in different languages to get a better understanding of their personality.

Gavel of Justice for ATa's Paralegal activities

Legal services support you to open and establish your business in Thailand in compliance with Thai regulations. Lawyers will help you with any legal matters and find the best solution for you. Assisting Foreign companies in BOI registration, tax, labor law, and legal due diligence is our core competencies.

Our accounting team working on financial reports

Our accounting services help you to fill all Thailand Income tax, withholding tax and do financial reporting. Outsource your accounting services to us, let us manage your accounting, bookkeeping, and financial reports.

ATA Services' employee giving his visa to a foreign customer

ATa Services provides work permit and visa services for your company in Thailand. No hassle, ATa Services takes care of all paperwork, registration, and immigration. Any foreigners looking for a reliable and trustworthy solution are welcome to contact us.

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ATa Services offers Marketing Services to boost your revenue and benefit from our experience. Our strategies have already been tested and trusted. Use our cost-effective solution and improve your business profile rapidly.

Someone picking the phone of the virtual office

Virtual Office is a convenient way to register your company in Thailand as well as getting communications services: a mailing address, phone, fax and call answering in Thai and English. You also have privileged access to our meeting rooms. Keep your business running smoothly with our virtual office solution.

One of the meeting room available for rent per hour

Do you need to organize a meeting with your customers, partners, or employees? Our meeting rooms are fully equipped, and we are providing everything to make your meeting successful: catering, drinks, video-conference equipment and more…

Driver opening the door of the rental car

Our Thai rental car company provides to each customer quality services and well-maintained cars. We offer different services such as limousine service, airport transfer, long-term car rental with or without drivers.



Our offices available

Our offices are available in different size with a customized layout according to your requirements.

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