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6 Ways To Be Productive

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We have all had those times, where we wake up one day and it hits us. “What am I doing? Why can I not get things done!?” We spend hours on a task, skip meals in order to stay focused, spend an entire day in front of the desk, yet, we somehow lag behind.

Why does this happen? The most common reason for this is because we are being unproductive. We start performing a task and get zoned out! How? We start using our phones, scrolling through our Instagram feed for hours. And looking at pictures on Facebook and waste hours doing this.

Being productive does not mean to do all the tasks together in a day and drain yourself completely. Being productive means to do more doable tasks in a small period of time and to ACTUALLY get things done.

Following are a few ways to be more productive:


In order to be productive and get done with significant things every day, it is important to make a proper routine. This starts from when to wake up in the morning, when to have lunch and when to take breaks. A routine ensures that you perform all the tasks while saving time for yourself too. It helps in managing time well.


Start your day with a To-Do list. Once you jot down all the tasks you have to complete by the end of the day at the job, start prioritizing them. Prioritize the task you keep procrastinating about and then move down further in the line with easier tasks. This has proven to be a number one way of getting things done.


One important thing to remember is, a person can be productive and perform more in less time when he or she is not distracted. So whatever distracts you, whether it is your phone, social applications, music or TV, get rid of all these things from your desk before starting.


Think and observe why is that you are not being productive. Is it because you are not getting enough sleep at night? Or do you try to multitask but eventually fail at it? Not everything which may work for others might work for you as well. So if your friend can do his work with music on does not necessarily mean you can too. Observe these things and then rectify your habits.


Receiving emails all the time at work can be draining because you keep checking your mail box, read and then reply. This takes lots of time and consumes your energy too. So manage time by fixing a specific time where you can check your emails. This will help you safe time.


It is important to remember that a person cannot be good at everything. Observe yourself and see what makes you happy, what do you love doing the most. That is your strength and that is something that adds value to your routine and life. This is the part when you’re being productive.

The key is to remember that we are all learners, each day we should learn something new and implement on it.