ATa PEO provides International PEO Service and helps you expand anywhere in the world by sponsoring visa & work permit for your employees

Solutions for every business need.

Payroll Processing

We take care of income calculation, we manage travel expenses, we issue payroll checks, transfers and payslips to your employees

Social Insurance

We make sure your employees are registered on the national social insurance system and manage all social fund filings

HR Services

We help you craft your employment contract in accordance with national laws and make recommendations on terms, compensations & benefits

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If you have questions regarding our International PEO Service or need a personalized solution, let us know, we’ll make sure to find an answer to your needs

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International PEO Service

Enabling you a smooth and fast expansion everywhere in the world.

ATa PEO helps individuals, auto-entrepreneurs, and companies wishing to station their staff in a foreign country with the tedious task of getting their work permit and visa

Sponsored Visa & Work Permit
Fast & Smooth Process
Available in Every Country

No matter who you are,

we’ve got what you need.

Private Clients

Digital Nomads, freelancers, and people wishing to get a foot or work remotely from a foreign country


Auto-entrepreneurs, people wishing to create a business or to scout for opportunities in another country

Professional Firms

Established companies and Start-Ups wishing to do business in a foreign country at minimal cost

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