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Business Recovery Solutions

ATA Services wants to help your business recover efficiently. We offer a one-stop solution to payroll, accounting, executive search, legal, office rental, car leasing and work permit/visa. Outsourcing various services to us helps us to offer you cost-saving solutions. Let us work together and find solutions to fight against Covid 19!

Read about our range of services and get to know us better. Ultimately, we want to know what we can do for you.

ATA Services, your one-stop service solution

First of all, why is it convenient to work with a one-stop services company?

  • Only one single point of contact for all the services you need
  • Only one invoice for all the services you need/want to subcontract
  • Increased levels of care and service

What ATA Services gives you

  • Quality! As a one-stop service solution partner, we cannot make mistakes in one of our services for fear of losing trust in all our departments. We are organized as a one-stop solution service to provide the best services in all we propose
  • Price! ATA Services is extremely competitive. The more services you outsource to us the better price you get from us

Our Services:

Why/where/how we can reduce your overhead cost

ATA Outsourcing

Not only are we a legal company providing all the corporate legal services your company may need, including company setup, registration & licenses, but also an administration outsourcing centre, taking care of our clients’ payroll, accounting, and auditing. Let us describe these outsourcing packages:


From a few employees to several hundred employees, we provide attractive solutions to payroll outsourcing.

Why not ask us to explain how outsourcing your company’s payroll to us can lower your admin costs?

Not only does our solution lower your overhead cost, but it provides the following, additional time-saving and professional features:

  • All employees are emailed monthly with their salary slip and a link to access the archive online with a confidential username and password
  • Annual leave and vacation status can be recorded on the salary slip
  • Income tax is calculated by our accountants
  • We take care of your employees’ commencement/resignation for social insurance and tax
  • We can prepare and file all your employment contracts
  • Working certificates are provided automatically to all employees at the end of their contracts

Another important factor to be considered for payroll is the confidentiality of all information. Whether concerned about the salaries or the different bonus/commission to be paid, every company wants and needs confidentiality. When the payroll is organized in-house it is often more challenging to keep all information confidential. ATA Outsourcing guarantees confidentiality.

Outsourcing your payroll is a process that will allow you to save time and to avoid time-consuming tasks. With ATa Outsourcing, the Payroll process is easy, find more about steps to follow through payroll outsourcing.

We have developed HR software and solutions to deal with the high volume of payroll services we perform for our clients. We automate many processes for a better, faster and more convenient payroll solution. Therefore, for many different reasons we often manage to provide a more economic and efficient solution for your payroll.

Ask for a quotation and evaluate the saving for yourself


Accounting regulations and procedures are often complicated in Thailand. First, it is not easy to find accountants who can speak in English!

More importantly and for safety reasons, if you do not speak or read Thai language, then you need to subcontract your accounting

ATA Services is able to offer tailor-made solutions to your financial reporting and provide everything you need in English.

Here again, thanks to our organization, we provide a solution that can reduce your overhead costs.

The benefits of working with ATA Services on all your accounting needs:

  • A single contact point who can speak a perfect English for all your communication
  • Safety and confidentiality – all your services are handled by our in-house accounting team
  • Financial reporting tailor made for your needs
  • Monthly meetings
  • Company results and auditing to be organized by our company


Work permit/Visa services

Work permit and visa applications/renewals for foreigners always involve a lot of administrative work. It is also complex as the rules and regulations are often changing.

No matter the size of your company, and whether you have BOI certification or not, ATA Services has a dedicated team devoted to serving you at all relevant government departments. This is what makes the difference…

We know exactly what the procedures are, the different possibilities and the necessary documents to be submitted. We are always prepared, and this is what saves time!

The procedures are different and the following need to be considered:

  • Your company is BOI certified or not
  • Your employee is already in Thailand or not
  • Your employee already has a valid work permit and visa from a previous company
  • Your employee has another possible visa in Thailand like ED visa, spouse visa, retirement visa, etc.
  • The nationality of your employee.

Additional complexity is added if the employee is coming with his family and they also require visas. You also need to think about the 90 days reporting for the employees and/or for the family.

ATA Services takes care of everything.

Contact us to get your quotation. Our fees are extremely competitive, and the more foreigners you have the better savings you can achieve.

What is also important is to minimize the time your employee will need to spend at the immigration offices, and not going there several times because something is missing…we believe in minimizing the time and stress involved.

ATA Services Plus

ATA Services Plus is a branch of ATA Services specializing in executive search and recruitment globally. Our multinational team comprises experienced professionals, knowledgeable in a wide range of industries. Our recruitment agency can work on an exclusive basis, this will benefit your company on many aspects.

Finding talented employees who perfectly fit your requirements is always a challenge. Let us take the strain. There are so many recruitment companies in thailand, it is not always easy to understand what are the differences between them! Let us explain.

What makes ATA Services Plus different?

  • Kinds of profiles. We mainly work for your management to senior management positions by doing a real head-hunting job. We do not advertise the position nor look for candidates unemployed and looking for a job. We would look at candidates already employed and succeeding in a role – candidates who would perfectly fit the profile required by our clients.
  • Our focus. We focus on our clients by having a perfect understanding of their business, culture and history.

It is not only important to find a candidate who fits the profile, but it is also important to make sure there is a match with the candidate’s expectations for career path. The only possible way to get there is to spend enough time with the candidate and to clearly know about our clients.

  • Be international. Thanks to the way we work, our clients realize that it could be attractive to work with ATA Services Plus for all their recruitments needs, no matter where the positions are located!

Understanding our client’s activities better also means spending time with our clients to learn about their businesses.

ATA Services works doggedly to find your candidates wherever in the world they might be currently based, and wherever the position is required, whether it be in Asia, USA or Europe. Having ATA Services Plus engaged in filling positions simultaneously in a number of locations saves you enormous time, energy and money. Our agency works on executive search as well as contingency search to find the best profile for you!

ATA Services

One of the main activities for our group is serviced offices in Bangkok. We rent fully furnished offices in a variety of sizes at two Bangkok business centres.

Most people have the idea that a Serviced office is more expensive than an empty office for rent. This is a false perception, and a Serviced office can save budget when compared to an empty office for rent! When you are looking at an office, there are several things you should make sure to check.

Of course, the rental fee per square metre is more expensive than an empty office, but included  with a serviced office is:

  • Building management fee,
  • tax property,
  • Electricity,
  • Electrical installation,
  • Office space set-up,
  • Office furniture,
  • IT set-up,
  • Telephone lines set-up and installation
  • cleaning,
  • reception services
  • Printer facility
  • Meeting room facilities
  • Maintenance
  • Internet and telephone connection

The differences are not only in the overhead costs. Serviced Offices have many advantages for any type of company. Benefits are numerous and will ease your daily business.  In addition, other factors need to be considered:

  1. Contract duration:

With an empty office,

The contract duration will be with a minimum of 3 years. That means you need to find an office considering your potential growth for the next 3 years with a consequence of taking an office bigger than what you really need for the first 2 years.

With a Serviced office, the contract duration is flexible and most of the time set for one year with still the possibility to size your office up or down according to your needs – The advantage of renting what you need when you need it.

  1. Reception area

With an empty office, you would need to rent more space to set the reception area and you would also need to hire a receptionist to pick up the phone and take care of the office.

With the serviced office the reception area is a part of the common area, you do not rent this space – it is included in your fees already. On top of that, you save by not needing a receptionist to pick up the phone and take care of your office, this is also included in your fees. This service can have a considerable, positive impact on your budget!

  1. Server area

With an empty office, you would need a server room with air conditioning system working 24/7.

With a serviced office, the server room is outside your office – you do not need to pay for this space, pay for the electricity or provide the maintenance.

  1. Meeting rooms

With an empty office, you need to get a bigger office to include one or two meeting rooms.

With a serviced office, you can rent the meeting room per hour, 200Baht for up to four people or 500 Baht for up to 10. You only pay for what you use instead of paying a monthly rent for a meeting room partially used.

  1. Office Area

With an empty office, you would need to rent all the common areas as well. Therefore, your office would need to be bigger to include the corridor, the pantry, the printing area, the toilets, etc.

With our Serviced office, ATA Services draws your office in 3D, so you only rent the actiual space you use for your business.

  1. Installation/Maintenance

With an empty office, you will have to spend a lot of working hours on your office installation, no matter whether you subcontract or create your office plans yourself. Your office needs design, IT solutions, network cabling, WiFi, security, cameras, phone system, furniture and so on. You would need to understand how everything is working and provide maintenance or outsource it with supplier when something is broken or does not work. This is both costly initially and over the course of a year.

With a Serviced office, everything is ready for you, and we include IT, network, WiFi, security, and phone systems. We use the latest technology and we make sure everything is working well 24/7!

Other differences:

Air conditioning

We have installed cassette type air conditioners throughout work spaces with an inverter instead of the building’s centralized air conditioning. This considerably reduces the energy consumption and provides better comfort for our clients, who can select the temperature they want in their office. When there is nobody in the office, the air conditioning can be turned off. A touch screen visualization allows us to set different parameters to optimize the consumption with a possible setting to start or stop the office in an automatic way.


All lights are installed with LED technology reducing energy consumption. This lighting requires at least three times less watts than a conventional system.


Most offices are installed with carpet flooring which is difficult to keep clean and becomes a source of allergens affecting staff. Both of our business centers are installed with wooden flooring. It is of course more difficult and expensive for us to install, but much cleaner and healthier for our cleints.


Toilets are inside our business center, not in the common building areas. They are built to a higher standard and ATA Services provides the cleaning and maintenance. The toilettes are installed with soap dispenser and hand dryer.[/fusion_text][fusion_separator style_type=”none” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” top_margin=”20px” bottom_margin=”20px” alignment=”center” /][fusion_text rule_style=”default” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” animation_direction=”left” animation_speed=”0.3″]

ATA Car Rental

Focusing on long-term contracts, we always find our car rental solutions to be more competitive and providing the best possible service.

  • For 1-year contract minimum,
  • Car replacement within 24 hours,
  • Unlimited kilometers on our car rentals,
  • 1st class insurance,
  • For the regular maintenance, we pick-up the car in the morning and will deliver it back the same day in the evening,
  • Free delivery and free pick-up anywhere in Bangkok,
  • Possibility to rent any car with a private driver,
  • If the driver is not available, we will replace him within 24 hours,
  • All cars are equipped with easy pass, dvd player, navigator.

If you are looking to reduce your overhead costs, it is the right time to contact our company and see what the possibilities are.

By combining a number of outsourcing solutions in our one-stop service we are able to better serve you and use the package of services to negotiate lower pricing overall.

Don’t hesitate to contact Camille and talk with him about possible solutions.

Key Account Manager

Camille has extensive knowledge of accounting, payroll, company setup, employee relocation to assist you in settling your business in Thailand. He has used his experience to advise companies in Thailand by counseling on business plans, marketing, legal/accounting compliance, recruiting, and location. Camille has joined ATa Services in order to continue helping clients grow their business with the administration eased.