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How To Keep Your Customer Base Engaged

As your business continues to grow, it becomes slightly difficult ensuring that your customer base is satisfied. As a smaller business, you would carry out one-to-one interactions with your customers and this would have a personalized impact making the customer feel wanted. However, it becomes difficult for a growing business to carry out the same personalized contact with its customer base. Here are some ways you can maintain that engagement with your older customer base whilst further engaging new customers on the way.

Segmented Audience

Your customers should be grouped into different categories which match a similar stage of the process in which they are in. In this way, you can send personalized messages and contact the groups specifically, but your customer will feel as if only he/she is being communicated to – due to the similar stage he/she is in. This will make them feel more welcomed, remembered and acknowledged by the firm, even at such a great scale.

Employees are the Pathways to Customers

Your employees will now act as the main communication between your business and customers. For this reason, it is important to make your employees also feel acknowledged and remembered, so they carry the same feelings and gratitude when communicating with customers. Also train the employees on how to properly interact with customers to ensure they keep on acting as a recurring customer base.

Invest in Technology and Teams

Invest in different forms of technology that will keep your customers data intact. Also, try to outsource a customer service or support team which will be in continuous contact with the customers to ensure they are completely satisfied with your business services.

Dedicated Client Relationship Managers are the Key

The client relationship managers will be responsible for looking after customers specifically. They will create various ways to engage with the customers through newsletters, personalized emails or any sort of pro-active or re-active communication. Ensure that your customer relationship managers are completely dedicated to working towards customer support and satisfaction.

Automation and AI

As your business grows, so does the database and it may become difficult to provide that level of interaction with your older customer base. In this way, adjust the automation and AI you have in your business to more communicative social media applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook.

Social Media Check-in’s

Keep a close look on the check-in’s that various customers offer at your business. Try to share these from your business page on social media to show customers that you are actually reading and appreciating their efforts of writing to you in various ways. This will also engage potential customers through your posts.

Events for Face-to-Face Engagement

Design events which are specifically for customer interaction and engagement. The customers will show up and feel honored that they are so important. Take out the time to interact with them one-on-one so they feel more engaged in your business. Listen to their feedback and concerns closely and take this time to reassure them. This will ensure more loyalty in the long run.

Love and Empathy to be Shown

With the available customer data, ensure that you are contacting them by dropping emails on events that are specific to them – birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Make sure you send e-cards or messages to make the customer feel more important and remembered by your business on a day that was special for them.

Loyalty Rewards

Lastly, customers should be given rewards for being loyal to your business. This can be through the form of loyalty cards where they may receive huge discounts or credits for purchasing again and again which can be redeemed as cash when purchasing later on. This will incentivize the customers to keep on coming back.

Your customers are the most important part of your business – they are the reason for your great revenue and profits. You need to ensure that your customer base is loyal, so that old customers keep on coming back whilst the customer base continues to grow. This way, you won’t be losing out on the previous base and it will only keep expanding further.