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Rent A Car In Bangkok

Rent A Car In Bangkok, All You Need To Know

Are you planning to explore the beauty of Bangkok? But not sure of the convenience? In this article, we will guide you with the best option you can choose to rent a  car in Bangkok.

Finding the car is easy but finding the best car service that values their customers is hard.  Renting a car without research comes with several risks. From damage to robbery; you may hit one. So, choosing the rental car service is important.

Here’s a concise, helpful article about choosing the right car rental company.

Costing Of Rent A Car In Bangkok

Don’t go to the shop without checking your pocket first! So costing matters first! It varies according to the type of car, how many passengers it can accommodate, the age of the car, and how many kilometers it already made.

This could be 18$/day to as high as 50$/day. ATa Car Rental prices, for example, start as low as 16$/day.

Things You Should Consider Before Renting A Car

Documentation must be complete

You will be guided to your home if you missed essential papers. Almost all of the car rentals in Bangkok require you to have papers like your driving license, credit card. Valid credit cards are necessary to ensure the borrower’s guarantee. Make sure the credit card is valid and it’s in your own name.

Credit cards are used to pay in case of any damages done to the car or any traffic violations etc. Usually, most companies prefer to have a credit card, debit cards are not accepted. Another way to ensure security you can deposit your cash, but this option is not everywhere.

Check Car exterior

Check the condition of the car before you take it in possession. Because any damage that appeared on the car after you submit it will be considered your fault. Check its engine, front screen, and doors! Pay special attention to the body and look for any dents and make sure you make the agency under notice before your leave for the trip.

Spend Some time with the car

Every car, like every human being, is different! Try to spend time before you leave. Make sure you align yourself with the controls of the car to make a safe journey. You can also ask a rental agency for a test drive so that you can smoothly drive the car off.

Plan Your trip

Bangkok is not as small as you might think, so prepare a plan and list down the places you are visiting. This will save you time and rental costs as well.

Even if you are not a visitor, you have to plan your journey for the rental car, so that you can estimate the duration of the rent. Having no plan will extend the duration of the rent resulting in higher costs.

Ask for fuel type

You may drive off without proper procedure and ruin your journey. Getting the wrong type of fuel will make the car stop functioning and your pocket empty. Not only do you have to go through the painful procedure to empty the fuel tank and all but also it will eat up your time. So before you leave, check the fuel type, ask about the mobile oil and other essentials that sound important.

Get the insurance

Even the best of the best drivers can’t avoid an accident. SO even if you think you are the best and safest driver, we’ll suggest you buy the insurance before moving to the destination. This insurance will save you from a chunk of big amounts of damages.

If you are not sure how to proceed with insurance or don’t want to bother, companies like ATa Car Rental provide a full service, with comprehensive insurance and assistance included in your car rental contract.

Things You Should Consider After Renting A Car

Get back on time

If you submit the car after the time you will be charged extra. Making a plan is a good idea to avoid this situation. If you hit a mishap during your journey you can call the agency to let them know. A mishap could be a traffic jam or any other related issues.

Be on the road

The rental cars are not for exploring and hunting purposes. It’s your duty to use the car for what it is. Keep the car on the road and avoid taking off-roads and shortcuts.

In case you violate the “be on-road” rule, you have to pay for the damages and cleaning of the car. Also, it’s not ethical to use the car for a purpose for which it’s not rented.

Careful with the parking

Parking rules differ from country to country. You don’t want to see 2000 ฿ fine tickets on your windscreen as you come out of the superstore. So it’s better to ask for agency parking and other special rules of the traffic to avoid these situations.

Renting a car in Bangkok is a must if you want to visit the city’s old heritage and other attractions.  Getting a trustful car renting agency is no more than hectic, but you can rely on  ATa Car Rental. Our prices are minimal and quality is superior. Moreover, we have plenty of features that can assist you in your journey.