Team Performance Improvement By Transparent Communication

Have you ever wondered why employees of certain companies always have the best things to say about their workplace? How every one wants to join those few companies? How those companies are achieving new lengths every day? Well, we have an answer for you all. Clear and transparent communication!

Although there are many other factors which contribute to the success of an organization but when it comes to team performance and employees, clear and transparent communication is the key. Many companies all over the world are adapting transparent communication style. We can also see some companies which are going towards great levels by sharing internal information like salaries and other different information with the employees. As a result, these companies have seen a rapid boost in their productivity levels.

Transparent communication among team members and supervisor leads to a certain level of trust and loyalty. When an employee takes his workplace as some place he owns, he feels loyal towards it. This is not possible if there is no clear and transparent communication.

Following are the ways through which team performance can be improved through transparent communication:


The first step is to be clear on your intention, this means, communicate well with your team members. Tell them what the goal is, what you want to accomplish and what is expected from them. Be clear on the goals and how to achieve them. Giving feedback is also a very important part of this step. It is also important to practice what you preach, if there are certain values, ask yourself, are you following those? Yes, then communicate the importance of those values with your team members.


In order to gain the team members trust and loyalty, you need to make sure that they know you. If you come off as aloof and reserved and mysterious, they will not be able to trust you. Share what is important to you, and what makes you who you are today. Share your vision and plans and how you want to see the organization years from now. Don’t worry, this is all just basic information which will make them think like you are being transparent without you being over sharing.


One key rule to follow here is to not pretend. If you do not know something, just say that. Be very honest, and random and yourself with the team. Do not appear perfect just for the sake of it, nobody is perfect, you know that and they know that.


Do not say anything just to sound nice, say what you will actually implement on. If you have a hard time understanding it, then take feedback from your team members. Show your credibility by doing what you preach and not by just saying.

Transparent communication can play a vital role in making the team perform better and brighter. Transparency is all about no secrets, and lots of information sharing.