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What Car to Rent in Bangkok?

What Car to Rent in Bangkok? All You Need To Know

If you’re planning to visit this earthly heaven or have just landed at Suvarnabhumi airport, then your next worry might be traveling to your desired destination. You can’t go all the way in a single car, especially if you’ve planned to visit every depth of the city. Neither you can go on longer journeys with city cars nor shop in the town with big-sized vehicles.

A perfect blend of power, fuel efficiency, size, and comfort should be required while opting for a vehicle in Bangkok.

So, what car to rent in Bangkok? Well, you can pick either of these categories depending upon your needs;

City Cars



We have sorted out the best traveling options for various destinations in Bangkok. Let’s unveil the mystery of what car to rent in Bangkok, so you can pick the best-suited vehicle for your needs.

Planning to visit Bangkok?

Bangkok is the center of the world’s tourism. In 2019, Bangkok alone received more than 25.85 million people in a single year who at least stayed for one night. This is because of countless attractions spread throughout the city and country overall. From Royal Mansion to Grand Palace, Arun Temple to Giant Swing, and many other such traditional and modern-day marvels attract people all over the globe. Traveling throughout these spots may push you to the critical question of what car to rent in Bangkok.

In addition to these architectural allures, glamorous shopping malls and big markets are favorite tourist destinations. As the world is returning to normal, Bangkok is also receiving a higher influx of visitors again. According to Statista, in April 2022, about 250 thousand people visited Bangkok.

Although these higher tourist arrivals are good for the economic boom but require calculated and well-informed decisions by visitors. One of the customarily asked questions about what car to rent in Bangkok.

This usually becomes perplexing for outsiders unaware of city dynamics and traffic fluctuations in Bangkok. Let’s jump into what car would be ideal for your traveling needs in the town.

City Cars to Explore the Populated Areas

City cars are mini vehicles perfect for urban or congested areas commuting. Due to their extreme compactness, the utility car is another famous term coined for them. Traffic jams in the city can disturb your schedules and hinder your traveling fun. If you are a Bangkok resident or have visited it before, you’ll be well aware of traffic congestion issues.

According to Scorecard, Bangkok drivers spend 33 percent time of their peak hours in traffic jams. In such a situation, having a smaller yet efficient car can be effective for you. On top of that, your traveling in urban areas and conurbations should be properly scheduled to avoid rush hours.

Visiting luxurious markets like Chatujak or famous shopping malls like Icon Siam will be a treat with small cars. These cars are easy to park while offering affordability to commuters. Usually, city cars provide a better traveling experience in comparison to public transportation.

City cars are perfect for city roving if you’re a two-to-three-person family or a group with smaller luggage.

SUVs to Go Anywhere with Style

Sport Utility Vehicles, generally known as SUVs, offer everything wherever city cars are amiss. Due to the extra compact size of city cars, these aren’t ideal for long drives. Even the comfort and luxury SUVs offer are unparalleled compared to city cars.

If you have a bigger family or friend circle, then SUV can be your traveling partner. Even you can easily take them to city areas and then go out for far-away drives. Although city traffic can disturb you a little, traveling in SUV would be fun if you avoid peak hours.

Additionally, these are highly efficient cars with unprecedented fuel averages. Anyone willing to travel to out-of-city temples or planning to visit neighboring cities with one question in mind: what car to rent in Bangkok? The simple answer is an SUV.

Vans to Unveil Hidden Beauties with Comfort

If you are a shopping guru or traveling with a large group of friends or family members, a van should be your preference. Vans are usually large vehicles with enormous capacities. These generally have seats for more than eight people. There can be beds adjusted in them depending upon the car and your traveling needs.

Some vans have a double cabin to offer you a factor of privacy if you’re commuting with rented drivers. Even if you’re looking to set up cargo functionality, vans can provide you with great help.

Cost of Renting a Car in the Bangkok?

Usually, monthly services can come at a price of twenty-thousand to thirty-thousand Thai Baht. 40,000 Thai Baht is an ideal monthly for van users. ATa prices are industry best while our vehicles are optimally functional.

Just double check your budget and traveling need to rent a vehicle. Daily prices start at $18 and touch the upper end at $50.

How to Find the Best Rental Car in Bangkok?

Visiting a newer place can be a wonderful experience if you plan beforehand. Booking and picking the desired vehicle in advance can save you a lot of hassle. In addition, compliance with local rules and regulations can be tiresome for novices. That’s why you don’t only need a vehicle but a proper guiding facility.

But don’t worry, if you’re new to the city, we can ease the path for you. ATa car rental services— located in close proximity to Suvarnabhumi Airport— offers a seamless experience to our customers. We not only provide cars but offer comprehensive assistance covering insurance and related stuff.

We also have Limousines and luxury cars in our inventory. The latest model cars with complete support give you an edge to travel worry-free.

In a nutshell, if you have landed in the land of love and attraction, we are here to welcome you. Book your desired ride from various cars listed on our website.

Start your fantastic journey now!

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